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The Story Behind the Print - Galaxy

Posted on May 23 2016

Closeup of the print "Galaxy", against a photo of the actual galaxy

The print "Galaxy" was inspired by the swirling motion of stars in the night sky. I wanted to create an image that would evoke the feeling of faraway space without using elements that were photographic.

Components of the design are layered on top of one another to create the illusion of depth. The forms are abstract, not literal. As with most abstract painting the primary emphasis is on the lines, colors, forms, and surfaces as they relate to one another. 

On the base layer a cloudy honeycomb pattern rests over a color gradient that fades from deep mulberry to violet. Bright purple spirals fill the space, along with sprinkles of “stars” represented by red and yellow hashtags and triangles. Because the forms are unencumbered by the weight of depicting actual objects, its ultimately up to you to decide if the print speaks to you of celestial nebula, or of something else altogether – that’s the beauty of abstraction. Whatever your interpretation, the bold combination of reds and purples are certain to lift your spirits....up and away.


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