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The story behind the print - Peacock Dreams

Posted on April 07 2016

Most people don’t sit around thinking about peacocks. I certainty don’t. However, I happen to belong to a co-working studio in San Diego, Hera Hub, where the peacock is somewhat of an adopted symbol, and there’s lots of peacock-themed art around the space. When I started to put the line together, several friends suggested that I do “something” with a peacock. My first reaction truthfully was “…meh”.

However, as I thought it over and did some research, I discovered that peacocks are not only striking but are also an ancient symbol of renewal. This makes them a perfect subject for my designs. In addition, real peacock feathers are amazing to look at because of their natural luminescence.  I wanted to do a design based on the peacock feather but I struggled with putting together something that was different, and didn’t actually reference the animal itself. The idea of slapping an image of a peacock in the center of a garment seemed just plain silly. 

Finally, I decided to use the feathers in a printed band that would move across the body. This freed up more design space so I could pair the band with a few magenta and purple stripes, adding some brightness to complement the face. The peacock feather print covers one of the sleeves and the strips, the other. The result is a unique top that looks elegant but not too stiff. I wore one recently myself and had several people come up to me and say “Oooh, I love your peacock feathers.”


I’ll take that as a victory.

How about you? Do you have any peacock imagery on your clothing?








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