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Slow Fashion

Posted on April 03 2016

When we say that Ruby Linker garments are an example of “slow fashion”, what do we mean?

The term itself has several meanings. It can refer to ecologically sound manufacturing processes.  It also represents a focus on quality and longevity, as opposed to “fast fashion”, where low cost, low quality items are rapidly produced and intended to be frequently replaced. Fast fashion delivers high-profile designer products to the mass market at prices low enough to make them a disposable commodity.

Slow fashion typically involves slower turnaround times, fair wages for those involved in the production process and a respect for the craft of clothes making. The clothes are not tied to a season, and tend to appeal to wearers on an emotional level.

Ruby Linker garments are based on expressive art that could just as easily been displayed on a canvas or behind a glass frame, but instead have been created as clothing. The process of transferring the images to cloth is fairly labor intensive. First the designs are printed onto a special transfer paper and then heat-set onto the fabric for permanence.  After that, the fabric is cut and sewn into finished garments. All of these steps require an attention to detail that cannot be rushed…. hence the connection to slow fashion.

What does slow fashion mean to you?


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